How to export/import changed data


Once you compile your excel file, it creates an application (executable – EXE File) with the possibility to export/import changed data for the application.

The Export/Import of changed data is allowed if the EXE application was compiled with “Allow Export/Import” option on.
For example, when the compiled application ‘Sample.exe’ runs, the following menu appears in Excel 2003.


Compiled Application Export/Import menu access in Excel 2003

in Excel 2007 or higher:

Compiled application export/import changed data menu access in Excel 2013

Please note that the ‘Export Data’ item is grayed. It will be activated as soon as any data will be changed on spreadsheet because the option allows to export changed data only.


  • Export Data : By clicking the ‘Export Data’ menu, the windows standard save dialog will appear, type a file name in order to export. The export file will be in binary format with .dat extension. The file contains only the data, which were changed in cells manually or from vba code during the current work session. For EXE application the export option works for changed data only. If you want to export non- changed data just make copy-cut and paste exactly at same place for such data.
  • Export Collected Data: This item works same way as Export Data with exception that it exports all changes were made and collected since the beginning of the EXE file usage.
    If one cell during this time was modified more than ones then will be exported the latest value.
  • Import Data: By clicking the ‘Import Data’ menu, the following dialog will appear.

Compiled application import data file form


Select the file you want to import into your application, it will import the values into cells, if you would like to see the imported values in different back ground or font color, you may choose the colors before importing.

If you would like to import data into original xls file then go to the Excel main menu ->DoneEx ->XCell Compiler -> Load external data

In this case the data will be imported into active workbook.

Important note: Data in cells, where the imported data come, will be rewritten.

If you would like to import data into EXE application then please go Excel main menu ->DoneEx ->Application name ->Import Data