Questions about the product updates


What are the terms of technical support and the product updates?

With the SMALL BUSINESS and BUSINESS PRO licenses, you are granted a one-year period of technical support and the product updates from the date of purchase. Upon expiration, you can renew maintenance to obtain another year of technical support and updates.The term of renewed coverage begins from the date of renewal.

If you do not renew maintenance period then you may stay with the latest version of the product which is covered by your latest maintenance period.
You must take care by yourself to have the valid version in order to use a registration key obtained without a renewal.

Where can I download the Updates?

You can download the updates from our website. You can find the XCell Compiler in the Download section of the website.

How can I update to the new version?

Please follow these steps:

1. Close the Excel if it is opened.
2. Uninstall DoneEx XCell Compiler.
3. Restart the computer.
4. Download the file with installer.
5. Close the Excel if it is opened.
6. Extract the EXE file from zip.
7. Run the extracted EXE file and follow the install wizard’s instructions until installation process will be finished.
8. After installation, you need to recompile your files.