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You can create and use your own content for some messages in compiled EXEs. The content may be written and saved as ANSI text file, or may be encoded as UTF-8, UTF-16 text or written in RTF format.
If you write your message content in English without using any non English symbols then you may use ANSI encoded text file.
Otherwise you need to use UTF-8, UTF-16 encoded files or file in RTF format.

To create RTF file please use Microsoft WordPad application and save a message content file as Rich Text Document.

To create UTF-8 encoded text use the Microsoft Notepad.

Example of custom message content text file SaveAs form

All strings which maybe recognized as web links will be converted into clickable links in the message.

For custom content on the image above the following message will be shown in run-time.

Example of custom EULA content with link

You may create your own content for the following messages:

  • End User License Agreement, EULA field on compilation form.
  • Expiration Warning on “Date limitation Options” form.
  • Custom Warning Content on “Trial Version Options” form.

By using Custom Resource Dictionary you can customize content of more than these three messages.


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