How to create custom resources dictionary


The custom resources dictionary allows to customize or localize some of the run-time message contents.
The custom resources dictionary is a text file encoded in UTF-8. It contains some of text resources which are used in compiled EXE file to show messages.
You can create your own resources dictionaries for different languages.
To create custom resources dictionary you need to copy ‘ENGLISH.dic’ file from the DoneEx XCell Compiler installation folder to any location where you are going to keep it and rename the file.

Open this copied new dictionary file in Microsoft NOTEPAD.

View of custom resources dictionary in Microsoft Notepad


Content of the dictionary file has a ini-file structure. Each text resource is written like key/value pair connected by ‘=’ assignment sign on a single line ‘MNEMO_CODE_KEY=Text value’.

In the image above, MNEMO_CODE_KEY is highlighted with red and text value is highlighted with green.

You have to keep the MNEMO_CODE_KEY (left side, before assigment ‘=’ sign) unchanged.

If you whant to change a resourse text value then you need to rewrite the part to the right of ‘=’ assignment sign with your content. The whole text value should be written in a single line without starting a new line. Some of the text resources may be shown in a multiple lines message box. To start a new line in the text you need to insert the ‘\n’ symbol combination. While displaying ‘\n’ will be converted to a new line transfer.


Example of resource record structure:
MNEMO_CODE_KEY=Text value\nThis part of text will be shown on new line.


You can rewrite text values for mnemo codes existing in default ENGLISH.dic file. If you add some other mnemo code and text value for it then such text resource will be ignored.
Custom resources dictionary file should be encoded in UTF-8, so when you ‘Save As’ in Notepad make sure that you have selected UTF-8 encoding.

Select UTF-8 encoding on SaveAs form of the Microsoft Notepad


To use custom resources dictionary you need to click ‘Custom resources dictionary’ link on compilation form and select the dictionary you want to use.

Select Custom Resources Dictionary form

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