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At Farside Technology Research we have developed some useful Excel/VBA applications that guide the assessment of safety-related and environmentally-related software. These applications help ensure consistent, efficient, and accurate auditing against some very demanding standards such as IEC 61508. These Excel apps are an important part of Farside’s assessment tool kit, but of course, we could not share them with anyone or sell them because they were effectively unprotected. However, the use of the DoneEx compiler has changed all that and thanks to it we can now make these assessment tools available in a controlled and piracy-free manner.

The adoption of the Excel compiler was remarkably straightforward despite the discovery of a couple of bugs which were solved in a very short time by DoneEx’s support team. I have to say that the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support has been a major plus.

So if anyone out there is wondering about using the Excel compiler we would recommend that they adopt it. In our experience it has served us well.

Martin Lloyd


At Drillingsoftware we produce Excel based software for the oil industry with a global client list. Keeping things running smoothly is of paramount importance.

Fortunately we discovered DoneEx and have been using  XCell Compiler for several years now.

I can say that this great piece of software has reduced piracy of our software to “Zero”.

Over the years due to hard ware changes and operating system upgrades (all of which will require a new .data file) the DoneEx support team has responded within hours with replacement files to keep our global operation running.

Many thanks to the DoneEx support team and their excellent service and response.

Iain Richmond CEO
Drillingsoftware LLC


The DoneEx team is one of the best software developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Their product is superb with multiple layers of protection.  And the best part of DoneEx is their first rate customer service.
All of our questions and issues are answered within 24 hours.  This includes looking at our very complicated VBA code and making necessary adjustments.
Their level of support and detail is impressive and I have yet to find any of the software groups we’ve worked with who can match it.
We were initially using one of DoneEx’s competitors for license protection.  However, we had serious issues with the protection features of this competitor and their customer support and response time were abysmal and so we had to switch.  I’m very happy to have found DoneEx.  I wish we would have gone with them from the start.  As we ready for our first major product launch, I’m content knowing that the software product we’ve spent nearly a year developing is in safe hands with the DoneEx team protecting it.  Thank you again, DoneEx!

Rajiv Rebello
Colva Insurance Services


What an efficient tool!

DoneEx has developed a very efficient tool to control the distribution of XLS files. The access of the compiled XLS file is controlled by a very efficient license key management. Moreover, this tool hides all the formulas and just display the results. Once converted to EXE, the size of the tool is reduced by the half. The Export/Import feature is very useful especially if the source file is heavy: it allows to save the data in a 10kb file. This tool also solves the problem of Excel versions: once compiled, it can be run with any version of Excel.
Another important advantage of DoneEx is the reactive after-sale support.

Arnaud Bisson
Product Line Manager


Well done the DoneEx Support Team !

At Drillingsoftware we develop software for the Oil Industry based on the Excel platform. These programs can be very complicated engineering programs. Whenever we have included or come across something DoneEx couldn’t handle in VBA the DoneEx team come back with support that is second to none, and very promptly.
We also pride ourselves on excellent customer support so we and our client know what it is to have a support team that can be totally relied upon.

Iain Richmond CEO
Drillingsoftware LLC


Incredible Product and Service

DoneEx has the absolute best customer service I have ever experienced.  They respond promptly, and with the exact answer I have looked for time and time again.  On my last issue, my computer had crashed and DoneEx helped me get the XCell Compiler working again on my computer.  I emailed them before I went to bed with my problem, and there was a solution when I first checked my email in the morning!  Really, the staff at DoneEx is exceptional and I have been more than satisfied with their service.  Additionally, the XCell Compiler is exactly what I had been looking for.  It protects your formulas perfectly, and has a secure way to ensure the workbook can not be copied without permission.  DoneEx is a great company and I recommend them to everyone I have met who is looking for the type of product that DoneEx provides.

John Doncaster

CEO and founder

J.P. Doncaster LLC


DoneEx Compiler has Done Excellent Job

DoneEx Xcell compiler is an efficient and compact tool to provide fool proof security for the Excel file distribution.

Once the file is distributed after compilation by DoneEx, then the owner of the Excel file can live without worries because of the compiler special security features.

DoneEx has its own license key management which works very efficiently. The owner of the Excel file can create Trial versions/ time limitations and even the compiled file can be LOCKED to the specific customer computer. DoneEx is really the ultimate protection tool for the Excel workbook. This is the tool which is required for the IT world where there is always a fear of cracking the original file, which is not possible after compilation by DoneEx Xcell compiler, where the original formulas are converted to binary file and also the formulas are totally hidden in the compiled exe file. Thanks for the technology provided by DoneEx.

This tool also has version compatibility. Once it is compiled then it will run in all versions of the Excel.

Hats off to Support team for excellent customer support. If there is any issues like DoneEx couldn’t able to handle the end-user VBA program, once after writing to DoneEx support team the solution will be provided promptly.

Highly recommended and efficient tool for Excel protection.

N.Arul Govind
Electrical Engineer
Poyry & Co. LLC


In the past, my programs were developed using VB6 knowing i would be able to later protect the EXE result. Until finding this valuable compiler, I was hesitant to put too much faith into knowing that all the hard work which goes into creating Excel files would be safe.

Well, that day has come and XCell Compiler has saved (or protected) the day! In just a short time, you will be up and running and protecting your Excel files knowing that everyone will be able to take advantage of your hard work.

Kudos DoneEx for providing us with an excellent tool to protect our Excel files.

Mike Reade
Forensic Reconstruction
Specialists Inc.


The best security solution is DoneEx XCell Compiler!

My application:
Fannie Mae has a new requirement that an appraiser must provide a sophisticated statistical analysis and report of the market area of the property being appraised.  A spreadsheet model would provide an excellent solution.

1. I wanted to protect my many months of development work from being “stolen” or copied.
2. I needed to provide a trial version of my Excel model for evaluation  by prospective customers and also have a foolproof licensing process which would prevent illegal copying and use of my Excel solution.

Solution: DoneEx!

After evaluating the few available products that claimed to be a solution to my problems DoneEx  clearly emerged as the clear winner!

1. As far as protecting my valuable work, The DoneEx compiler allowed me to protect my formulas and VBA (Macros) beyond the capabilities that Excel provides.  It was like Excel on steroids!  I challenged some of the best hackers I know (I spent 28 years in the software industry prior to changing careers).  No one was able to find the formulas or VBA code due to DoneEx’s ability to protect them from being viewed or discovered.  DoneEx does what Excel alone cannot do to protect your work!
2. Allowing potential users and customers to try the application for a period of time was simple.  The DoneEx compiler allowed me to produce trial versions of my application and allowed me to specify a time period for the trial.  I worried about someone downloading a 30 day trial, erasing it after 28 days and downloading another 30 day version.  The developers of DoneEx have already thought of that.  When you download the new 30 day evaluation it knows you already had a 30 day version and in the above case says you have 2 days left!!!!  With no work other than answering a few questions the DoneEx product displays a “trial version” pop up menu which constantly reminds the user that they have a trial version with X days left in the trial.  This menu provides an easy method of selecting an option to contact you the author of the software for information on purchasing your application.  Several other methods are available for providing your potential customers the ability to try your application prior to purchasing it.  Allowing the prospective customer to try your application prior to purchase will result with greater acceptance of your application.  Without a trial version your potential customers may never be willing to look at your application.

Now that the prospective customer decides to become a real customer how are you going to sell and license your application?  Simple, DoneEx provides several methods to choose from.  The methods I chose was time period and hardware locking.  The time period option allows me to provide the end user with an annual license to use my application.  Upon purchase, I simply enter the beginning and ending date of the license.  It even allows me to specify a warning message that lets say will allow me to notify the customer that they have 45 days remaining and to contact me for another year subscription!

Next, I was wondering how I could restrict my license to use my application to a specific PC.  I was worried about sending a “key” to customer to unlock the trial version to enable them a license for a year only to have the customer copy or use the key on multiple PCs .  Again the DoneEx team has already thought of this and have the perfect solution.   By using the hardware locking feature, it allows me to create a “key” specific to the customers individual PC.  DoneEx provides the ability for the customer send you the customers PC identity so you can create the customers key which is specific to the customers individual PC.  Again, I asked my hacker friends to find a way to beat this security feature and again they could not!

Protecting my work and providing a simple effective licensing method was all I needed to convince me to purchase DoneEx.    The features of DoneEx alone are amazing.   The real benefit of doing business with the DoneEx folks is the beyond excellent service they provide.  Anytime I had a question or needed a suggestion the DoneEx team were there to assist me.  The support has always been superior to any support I have ever been given by any software provider!  I remember several occasions when the DoneEx team have added custom features which only I needed – what service!

In summary, I can only hope that my customers are as happy with my software application as I am with my DoneEx purchase.

John P. Smithmyer
Georgia Appraiser School.


Fantastic Product! Make money selling spreadsheets!

This is a fantastic product! It creates the possibility to sell spreadsheets without loss of business by customers sharing the file. I use the hardware-locking feature to secure spreadsheets for sale on OPSMATH.COM. I have made many suggestions to the DoneEx team for improvements that they implemented quickly. They regularly support the product with updates and improvements, like the recent Windows Vista support.

Jack A. Wetzel
President, Topview Consulting


Congratulations DoneEx!

My company wrote a Financial Planning Program written in Excel which we planned to market to Insurance Agents and Investment Advisors. We needed to find a way to prevent the program from being copied and the formulas from being tampered with. We reviewed a few programs but none came close to the versatility of the DoneEx Compiler. It more than satisfied every need we had to protect our program. As a result we were able to sell our program to the four largest Insurance Companies in Trinidad and Tobago.
The Compiler allowed us to use a unique icon for the program, create our own user license text, incorporate a unique splash screen when the program is opened, set an expiry date with renewal notice and even create a trial version of the program. The compiler added a level of professional quality to my program which I could never have done on my own. The options the compiler gives the end user were perfect for my needs. The Financial Planners can input data for calculation with no danger of the formulae being inadvertently altered or deleted. The formulae is also hidden from the user which is perfect to prevent others from developing clones of my program. The compiler options allow my end user to print the reports created by my program which was also important to me.
The support team at DoneEx deserves an award! They certainly have earned my praise if nothing else. They have been efficient in every query I have submitted. I had many queries when I first purchased the program about its capability to satisfy concerns I had about the user options for editing and to my delight the support team worked with me to resolve every issue. I downloaded my compiler to my laptop which was subsequently stolen and the support team worked with me to allow my continued use of the program by transferring my registration key to my new computer.
DoneEx and their support team have exceeded my expectations in every way.
Congratulations to this wonderful company!

Kevin Ali
Managing Director
Intelligent Investment Services Limited
Intelligent Technologies Limited
Trinidad and Tobago


Highly Recommended!

I have discovered the best kept secret to Excel spreadsheets…the DoneEx XCell compiler. This tool has allowed me, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a programmer, to securely distribute my proprietary work and concepts to clients. In addition to the many other features previously cited here by other users, the product is extremely simple to use and allows my company the appearance of a major Fortune 500 corporation.

The DoneEx Support Team is nothing short of fantastic. Their support is outstanding, in fact including a recent response to an issue even during the weekend.

I use this product with confidence and strongly suggest you should to. I wish DoneEx success to the furthest horizons.

Brian J. Brandt
President, Executive Hedger, LLC


apd business management is a new company specialising exclusively in the provision of all aspects of Business Management services to major automotive OEMs and their dealer networks.

We required a utility that would enable us to distribute a variety of Microsoft Excel tools that we had built but in a secure environment whilst still maintaining full functionality.

XCell Compiler offered us a very easy way of compiling our Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into a secure environment providing hidden formulas, file copy protection through it’s registration feature and so much more. We were able to add our own splash image and even integrate a user license agreement.

When we encountered any problems the DoneEx support team was always on hand via email to assist. Their responses were quick, helpful and any corrections to the Xcell Compiler that needed to be made were done so with great speed.

apd business management would have no hesitation is recommending the XCell Compiler.

Nick Gane
Head of Business Planning
apd business management ltd


Very neat tool!

DoneEx produces a very neat tool called XCell Compiler that we have been using at PL3C for several months now. Our company specializes in the evaluation of loyalty and credit card programs. More precisely the tool we have developed (called Summ-it) enable a user to look at all revenues, costs and investments variables and to come up with the net impact of program for an organization, including the calculations of the return-on-investment. We used to host the application on a server. This caused client to interface through secure communications with all the challenges this represented. Then we found DoneEx and its compiler and since then this is the way we distribute Summ-it by allowing clients to have their own personalized version of our application that we lock and control at will using XCell Compiler. The nicest thing about DoneEx is that if you have trouble with the compiling of your spreadsheets, they are always there to help and to find a solution (for example recentl y they found the exact cause and settings in our version of Excel that prevented us to compile correctly our application). I would strongly recommend this software to all companies having devised proprietary spreadsheets and wanting to keep a stronghold on their intellectual content.

Paul Lafortune


Hats off to DoneEx!

As a security professional, I have been concerned about the vulnerability of Houses of Worship for a long time. About a year ago, I purchased your program and compiled a security audit program that produces a one page report with a graph that represents the “Security Posture” of the facility. Many House of Worship decision makers are downloading the free program. When they see the graphs the program produces, they are able to conceptualize their security posture in a matter of seconds and can make decisions to prioritize their security resources in a more effective manner. When I ask the users how they like my compiled software, they state it the best security assessment program they have every used.

Without DoneEx I wouldn’t have had a distribution solution that gives me the confidence that my ideas behind the spreadsheet remain secure. With your compiler, I have been able to proceed with my distribution of the software and now the program is benefiting many users. A free download of the compiled version of the House of Worship Vulnerability Assessment Program is available for anyone at

John Griffey, CPP
Senior Executive
Dynamic Life Solutions


Congratulations and Hooray for DoneEx XCell Compiler!

At The Red Zebra Business Centre, it is vital for our clients to get their financial analyses in a portable and easily accessed form. For us, it is vital that our financial tools (developed over 22 years) are kept secure. Only “DoneEx XCell Compiler” does it and DoneEx alone provides us with the first real opportunity to move on to the next cycle of product development. It is so secure that we can deliver a first class user experience, and retain ownership of our commercial and intellectual property.
Finding DoneEx XCell Compiler as well as DoneEx was a real breakthrough.

Congratulations and Hooray for DoneEx!

Max Williams
Principal Consultant


Thanks for a great product!

The DoneEx Xcell Compiler is the perfect solution for my start up software and training company. It has saved me thousand of dollars in development cost. My customers are quite satisfied with my software as a compiled excel program.

Jeff Bennett, President
Tool Planners Inc.


I am delighted with the DoneEx XCell Compiler program.  At last Excel authors can a create viable secure and marketable version of their programs.  The ability to include the “Agree To Terms” script before first use, Trial Period and End User Computer Key Lock protection is vital.
All the functionality of Excel is retained including charts.  Also, their support response is very rapid and helpful.  Altogether a very worthwhile program.

Robin Atkinson,
Partner of HAC,
Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers.


Customers expected us to come up with an automated configuration tool for a custom made power system. The configuration used quite sophisticated Excel model we didn’t want to share with the client. XCell Compiler solved our problem elegantly and cost effectively. Additionally to the product itself I have to mention fast and competent technical support.

Witold Grabysz
CEO, MERAWEX Sp. z o.o., Gliwice, Poland


Fantastic Product, Highly Recommended!

DoneEx XCell Compiler program, is the best and secure environment I never seen it before, it hides formulas,
and have an amazing file copy protection system,  it allowed me to distribute all my products having the control
over the installed copies,  maintaining the security level in really high standards.
They have and incredible help desk support service, responding client requests in a short period of time.
In addition to that they provide a wide variety range of product supports at no cost to the client.

Congratulations, extremely well done

Angel Munoz
Feng Shui Consultores


Dream Come True!

I am the president of platinum Engineering Solutions, Inc. I had developed a very lengthy Excel Engineering programs that exceeds 100 Meg. I had looked everywhere to secure my software but with no luck. I had to strip down the computers, taking away the internet, USB, CD burners and so on, so nobody would steel a copy. But when I finally tried DoneEx compiler, my DREAM HAD COME TRUE. I sleep better knowing that no one will steel a copy of the software. I could give trial version to others.
DoneEx, is not just a great software, they have the best customer service I have ever seen.

Thanks a million.

Naser Salem, PE
Platinum Engineering Solutions, Inc.