How to protect workbook with Matrix dongle


The DoneEx XCell Compiler has its own, software-based Registration And Licensing Tool.

If you will use it, you can copy-protect your workbook and lock your protected workbook to a specific customer’s computer without any additional hardware keys, USB sticks or dongles.

In cooperation with Matrix, we created a hardware-based solution to protect your software from unauthorized use and reproduction.

Matrix donglesWith this solution, the license is securely linked to an USB dongle and only those with the dongle can use the spreadsheets; for all others, it is locked.

Protecting you workbook with Matrix dongle:

  • Download the DoneEx XCell Compiler and install it on your computer.
  • Compile the XLS file. The result is a Microsoft Excel workbook in the EXE format.
  • Download the Matrix Mx-Crypt tool.
  • Extract and install the Mx-Crypt tools. You can copy these tools to a memory stick or any data storage device.
  • Start Mx-Crypt, load the compiled EXE-file and click the “crypt” button – encrypt the EXE, linked with the Matrix dongle. Since you don’t have a dongle, this is only a test.
  • Now you need the USB License Dongles. Matrix recommends the type MLU-60.

Here is the Matrix  price list. You need one dongle for each license.

  • You can make your own customized license arrangement to consider of all future possibilities and updates.  By keeping your operational data secure and  preventing of unauthorized data manipulation you retain the highest level of protection.
  • It is possible to link many files to one dongle license.
  • You can set up to 79 additional 10-digit keys in a dongle memory.
  • Your license allows to copy the protected spreadsheets to various computers but only the computer with the dongle has a valid license.
  • The dongles work on any computer; just plug and play without software installation or drivers.

For both, DoneEx XCell Compiler as well as Mx-Crypt, free Trial versions are available.
For DoneEx XCell Compiler you need to buy the license that meets your requirements; for Mx-Crypt you need to buy as many dongles as you need for your licenses.


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